We have over thirteen years experience in architecting, designing and developing mobile applications. Vertically, our services extend from leading requirements gathering, translating requirements to an architecture, developing tests that map to the requirements, and generating code that satisfy the tests.

Horizontally, our services cover UI/UX design that satisfy requirements and engagement based upon context. We develop in native, web, and cross platform environments. We apply development techniques that apply security at the start of the design cycle. We support both REST and SOAP transport protocols. Finally, we provide both SQL and NON SQL solutions in both the private enterprise and the cloud.

The following is a set of items to be treated as sub sections.


We develop native applications for Microsoft spanning Windows Mobile 6 to 8. We develop natively for IOS phones and tablets versions 6 to 7. And finally, we develop Android applications for both phones and tablets.

Cross Platforms

We utilize Unity 3D to develop cross platform applications. We use Unity 3D for two primary reasons. The first reason is that Unity supports cross platform development across the major mobile platforms. The second reason is that with Unity, we are able to develop mobile applications that provide an immersive experience that engages clients.


We support development using REST, SOAP, and TCP/IP. We can help you to understand the trade offs involved and when to use what.


Ease of development, support tools, performance, security, reliability, and support resources are all factors to be considered when choosing a database to support your mobile environment. Understanding when to apply SQL versus NON SQL databases to satisfy your mobile environment is a critical choice. We can help you with the choice and the implementation.


Security, bandwidth, efficiency, range and cost are all parameters when you want to pass data from your mobile application to external resources. Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE), Infrared(IR), ZigBee,WiFi, and Cellular are all resources that can solve your communications needs. We can help you make the correct choice, design the network, and interface the network to your application in a secure and efficient manner.

Speech Recognition, Speaker Verification and Speaker Identification

Speech recognition, both discreet and continuous, verifying that a user is authorized to access your application and who that user is, are all areas that you should be considering when providing your clients with secure immersive experiences. We have the real world experience to help you through the choices and implementation phases.

Biometrics and the Internet of Things

Because of the compute power of mobile devices, and relatively small, cheap, secure and efficient network interfaces, it is now possible to collect parameters that define the state of the human body. We have applied smart cell phones and biometric devices embedded in clothing to solving real world problems. We can show you the advantages of closely linking your mobile application and your user’s body as a platform.

Gamification and User Engagement

Never before have your users been exposed to so many sources of simultaneous input. You have ten seconds to gain the attention of your clients. Then you have to maintain that interest so that your customer will see value in your application. It is a delicate balance between satisfying business requirements and making your application fun so that your users come back time and time again. We can show you the way.