Q Do you support cross platform development?

Yes — we can develop one application that runs across IOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, and Widows Desktop environments. We leverage a tool from Unity 3D.

QCan you help with Single Sign On?

Yes. We can help you provide SSO from Android, Windows Mobile and IOS devices utilizing Active Directory.

QCan you help with partial connectivity issue?

Yes. We can help you implement a JBoss or MSMQ environment to support message queuing.

QCan you help us with securing our application?

Yes. We can show you how to secure your data storage, encrypt your messaging across networks into the cloud and your private enterprises.

QCan you help us with making our application more engaging?

Yes. Business applications — really most any application –that are fun to use will increase client engagement. We can show you how.

QCan you help us gather business requirements?

Yes. We can interface with your business decision makers and gather requirements from them. We can then review and collect requirements from the end users based upon context. We can then merge the two sets of requirements and provide a document from which you can generate a set of tests which can be used as a development guide.

QCan you help us with Test Driven Development(TDD)?

Yes. It has been proven over and over that you can either pay for TDD up front or you can pay an order of magnitude more later on in the development cycle plugging holes. We can show you the whys and hows.

QWe currently have many web services that rely upon the SOAP protocol. Can you help us maximize our transport mechanism for mobile platforms?

YYes. SOAP is powerful, but often too chatty for large mobile client bases. REST, can many times, be shown to be a better choice than SOAP. We can show you how to keep your investment in SOAP and leverage REST.

QCan you show us how to leverage the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices?

Yes. We currently use BLE devices with biometric devices. We can show you how to leverage BLE.

QWe want to take advantage of ZigBee networks — especially the ability to send data over great distances. Can you help us?

Yes. We currently have our biometric applications transporting data over ZigBee networks. We can show you how to leverage ZigBee.

QWe have heard a great deal about the Internet of Things (IoT). Can you help us leverage the techniques described in the IoT.

Yes. IoT is about everything being distributed – monitoring air quality, traffic patterns, your rate of breathing. etc. We can show you how.

QWe would like to leverage devices based upon Arduino and embedded linux devices with our current mobile environment. Can you help us?

We currently work with these devices. Explain your problem and we will help you come up with working solutions.